Korean skincare traditions have become a global phenomenon: In order to achieve healthy and beautiful skin, Korean women and skincare experts swear by their very own routine. K-Beauty has long become THE buzzword of the beauty world, the holy grail to perfect skin. Let's take a look beyond the hype and reveal, how Korea managed to be on top of the game when it comes to beauty knowledge and innovations.




Korean women use on average 8 beauty products in their daily routine and spend 30 minutes per day on their skincare. This passion makes them knowledgeable and dedicated testers who give the most valuable and helpful feedback – and that's how the best beauty products are being developed in Korea. 

Healthy skin


The focus of Korean beauty is on natural, healthy skin. This focus on the long-term health of the skin, led K-Beauty to sticking to natural ingredients and skincare products that are free from harmful chemicals.



Regarding beauty, the Koreans believe deeply in a holistic approach: Selfcare is key – also to flawless and beautiful skin. To achieve the best results, Korean women try their best, to prevent issues before they occur. That’s how they invented the famous preventive self-care beauty routines.



The newest technologies ensure that the Korean beauty industry always discovers new innovations and unique efficient ingredients, such as BB cream, the first retinol used in cosmetics and bee venom. In Korea, more than 600 million Euros are spent every year for research and development within the cosmetics industry. 

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