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The Me-Time Set

Set (C-Tox, Hairband, Silky Brush)

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The perfect gift for some me-time – for yourself or your loved ones

The friendly reminder, to enjoy some me-time and take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life!

In this set: 

  • The C-Tox: Detox for your skin! The powerful combination of Vitamin C and turmeric gives your skin an amazing glow right away!
  • The Hairband: Practical and cute at the same time! With this beauty helper, there is no more sticky strands when masking. The cotton hairband is the perfect accessory to prepare yourself for your beauty routine.
  • Apply your mask like a pro – with The Silky Brush.

      Good to know:

      • No nasties: Free from Silicones - Parabens - PEGs - Microplastics - Mineral Oils - Formaldehyde - Artificial colorants - Sulfates - Drying alcohol
      • Dermatologically tested for all skin types – even for sensitive skin
      • 1% for the planet: 1% of all revenues will be donated to environmental projects 
      • Glass packaging: To reduce our plastic waste, we use glass jars for all our skincare products
      • Long-lasting! Lasts for more than 3 months with daily usage.

        The C-Tox - 80 g
        The Hairband
        The Silky Brush

          SIMPLY AMAZING :)
          This mask is just awesome. It has a pleasant scent and can also be easily spread with a brush. The skin looks more relaxed afterwards. My must have after a hard day.
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          The Me-Time Set

          Set (C-Tox, Hairband, Silky Brush)



          THE C-TOX: 

          • Yuza fruit and kaolin clay brighten your skin and give you an instant glow.
          • Kaolin helps to absorb oil and mattify your skin.
          • The powerful combination of kaolin clay and turmeric makes sure your face gets its much needed detox. 

          You can view the whole description of this product and all its ingredients here.

          Skin types and concerns

          • Skin type:
            • Dry skin
            • Sensitive skin
            • Normal skin
            • Oily/Combination skin

          How to use

          In need for a in-depth skin detox? THE C-TOX is all you need:


          1. Step 1 Make sure your skin is clean and double cleanse if necessary.  
          2. Step 2Apply evenly using the silky soft applicator brush provided.    
          3. Step 3Leave the mask on for 15 minutes.    
          4. Step 4Gently remove it with warm water & pat dry with a soft clean towel. 


          • Is it normal to have a tingly sensation after application?
            • Absolutely, that is the Vitamin C doing its brightening job.
          • How do I know, if the hairband fits me?
            • The size of the hairband is adjustable, so you can make it perfect just for you! 


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