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The Full Detox Set

Skin detox set (Calm Balm, Bubble Double, C-Tox)

Full skin detox to get that glow
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Make time for yourself and enjoy your new skincare routine! Double cleansing with The Calm Balm and The Bubble Double leaves your skin cleaner than ever. The C-Tox allows you to pamper yourself and get rid of all the impurities that are keeping you from a glowy skin.

In this set:

  • The Calm Balm: Cleanse and care! The gentle, yet powerful Cleansing Balm frees your skin from make-up, sebum and other residues.
  • The Bubble Double: Thorough, pore-deep cleansing and astringent properties. Thanks to salicylic acid, the cleansing foam is also effective against blackheads and pimples!
  • The C-Tox: Detoxifying mud mask that gives you that glow.

      Good to know:

      • No nasties: Free from Silicones - Parabens - PEGs - Microplastics - Mineral Oils - Formaldehyde - Artificial colorants - Sulfates - Drying alcohol
      • Dermatologically tested for all skin types – even for sensitive skin
      • 1% for the planet: 1% of all revenues will be donated to environmental projects 
      • Glass packaging: To reduce our plastic waste, we use glass jars for all our skincare products

        The Calm Balm - 80 g
        The Bubble Double - 120 ml
        The C-Tox - 80 g

          749 reviews
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            I've been using the products for almost two weeks now and I'm satisfied. The skin feels super soft after cleaning. The impurities have gotten better; Hopefully my skin will be even more beautiful in the future: -) ... Shipping was super fast, the parcel was so cute and lovely; I can only recommend it.

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          The Full Detox Set

          Skin detox set (Calm Balm, Bubble Double, C-Tox)



          THE CALM BALM: 

          • Rich olive and coconut oil are a true power duo when it comes to removing makeup easily, cleaning clogged pores and removing excess sebum  
          • Ingredients like shea butter are key to make your skin feel soft and nourished.
          • A blend of luxurious essential oil helps calming your stressed skin (and your stressed self 😉)

          You can view the whole description of this product and all its ingredients here



          • My natural salicylic acid, derived from wintergreen, deeply cleanses your pores without drying your skin.
          • Ingredients like pomegranate and salicylic acid help me to shrink your pores and tighten your skin.
          • Salicylic acid is an effective exfoliator that penetrates the pores, cleanses them deeply and prevents skin impurities like pimples and blackheads. The result is a brightened, radiant and blemish-free complexion.

          You can view the whole description of this product and all its ingredients here.


          THE C-TOX: 

          • Yuza fruit and kaolin clay brighten your skin and give you an instant glow.
          • Kaolin helps to absorb oil and mattify your skin.
          • The powerful combination of kaolin clay and turmeric makes sure your face gets its much needed detox. 

          You can view the whole description of this product and all its ingredients here.

          Skin types and concerns

          • Skin type:
            • Dry skin
            • Sensitive skin
            • Normal skin
            • Oily/Combination skin

          How to use

          For a deep double cleansing, use THE CALM BALM as your first step: 


          1. Step 1 Warm the balm between your fingers and massage it in circular motions all over your face.   
          2. Step 2Emulsify it on your face with a little bit of water and keep on massaging. Don't forget your eye makeup!    
          3. Step 3Wet a muslin cloth with hot water and wring it. Place the damp cloth on your face and wait a moment for the steam to open up your pores. Enjoy the calming scent.    
          4. Step 4Gently wipe the cloth in upwards motion to remove makeup and excess sebum. 


          Grab THE BUBBLE DOUBLE for the second part of deep double cleansing: 


          1. Step 1 Pump a small amount of the cleansing foam on your hand.   
          2. Step 2Massage it with circular motions on your face.
          3. Step 3Rinse it off with warm water. 
          4. Step 4Pat dry with a soft, clean towel.



          In need for a in-depth skin detox? THE C-TOX is all you need:


          1. Step 1 Make sure your skin is clean and double cleanse if necessary.  
          2. Step 2Apply evenly using the silky soft applicator brush provided.    
          3. Step 3Leave the mask on for 15 minutes.    
          4. Step 4Gently remove it with warm water & pat dry with a soft clean towel. 


          1. For a Korean nighttime routine, deep double cleansing is a must! Depending on your skin's needs, you can either also double cleanse in the morning, or use only THE BUBBLE DOUBLE for your morning routine.
          2. We recommend to use THE C-TOX 1-2 times per week for best results. 


          • Double Cleansing? Why do I need two products to cleanse my face?
            • Double cleansing is a core element of Korean skincare routines: Throughout the day, different kind of impurities layer on your skin. In order to effectively care for your skin, it is key to thoroughly remove all of them. The usage of a cleansing balm or a cleansing oil is the first step of the much praised double cleansing procedure. As oil binds other oils, it is the most effective way to remove oil-based impurities such as makeup, sebum and SPF. Afterwards, a water-based cleanser removes the remaining water-soluble impurities. 
          • I'm new to this. Can you tell me more about the Korean skincare routine?
            • Of course! You can find our guide to the Korean skincare routine here. We've also collected, what makes K-Beauty so special after all! Make sure to check out our list to find out more about Korea's unique take on skincare. 
          • What are the ingredients that will give my skin a detox? 
            • The base of THE CALM BALM is rich olive and coconut oil, a power duo to clean your face from makeup and other impurities. THE BUBBLE DOUBLE contains natural salicylic acid, which clears your skin from toxins and bacteria and has also an exfoliating effect, meaning it will get rid of dead skin to bring out the brightened, clean and young skin underneath. THE C-TOX is full of Vitamin C and turmeric which have anti-inflammatory properties and are very effective against wrinkles! 
          • How often can I use the mask? 
            • We recommend to use THE C-TOX 1-2 times per week for best results. 


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