The Hair ClipThe Hair Clip

The Hair Clip

The Yepoda Canvas BagThe Yepoda Canvas Bag

The Yepoda Canvas Bag

Cotton tote bag

The SleeveThe Sleeve

The Sleeve


The Tiny SpatulaThe Tiny Spatula

The Tiny Spatula

Rosegold Spatula

The Cozy ClothThe Cozy Cloth

The Cozy Cloth

Double sided
organic muslin + cotton cleansing towel

The Silky BrushThe Silky Brush

The Silky Brush

Vegan wooden
mask application brush

The Mist HaveThe Mist Have

The Mist Have

Hyaluronic acid lavender face mist

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The Day & Night SetThe Day & Night Set

The Day & Night Set

Set (Calm Balm, Bubble Double, Mist Have, Make My Day Cream, Midnight Magic)

€119 €170
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The Cream TeamThe Cream Team

The Cream Team

Moisturizers Set: Day cream & Sleeping Mask

€69 €78
The Cleansing DuoThe Cleansing Duo

The Cleansing Duo

Double cleansing set
(Calm Balm, Bubble Double)

€59 €68
The Purify HeroThe Purify Hero

The Purify Hero

Natural BHA Exfoliating Serum

The Glow HeroThe Glow Hero

The Glow Hero

Bakuchiol Oil Serum Hybrid

The Bubble DoubleThe Bubble Double

The Bubble Double

Salicylic acid pomegranate cleansing foam

The Make My Day CreamThe Make My Day Cream

The Make My Day Cream

Slow Aging Day Cream

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The Treat Yourself SetThe Treat Yourself Set

The Treat Yourself Set

Set (Calm Balm, Bubble Double, Mist Have, C-Tox)

€99 €141
The Calm BalmThe Calm Balm

The Calm Balm

Olive & coconut oil cleansing balm

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The Instant Glow SetThe Instant Glow Set

The Instant Glow Set

An incredible instant glow

€95 €108
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The Daily Essentials SetThe Daily Essentials Set

The Daily Essentials Set

Set (Calm Balm, Bubble Double, Mist Have)

€79 €92
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The Full Detox SetThe Full Detox Set

The Full Detox Set

Skin detox set (Calm Balm, Bubble Double, C-Tox)

€89 €117
The Cozy Cloth SetThe Cozy Cloth Set

The Cozy Cloth Set

Set of 3

€19 €24
The Recovery MomentThe Recovery Moment

The Recovery Moment

Soothing sheet mask with a niacinamide, panthenol & calendula complex

The Timeless MomentThe Timeless Moment

The Timeless Moment

Slow Aging sheet mask with a peptide & berry complex

The Rescue MomentThe Rescue Moment

The Rescue Moment

Exfoliating sheet mask with a PHA, AHA & algae complex

The MomentsThe Moments

The Moments

Selection of different sheet masks

The K-Beauty Must-HavesThe K-Beauty Must-Haves

The K-Beauty Must-Haves

The Calm Balm, The Bubble Double, The Mist Have, The Yepoda Moments

€99 €119
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